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National Center for Tourism Information and Promotion - Jupiter

Amusement park

    Colourful and full of fun and joy, Jupiter has two amusement parks. Here, the brave will experience adrenaline and the young can enjoy carousels, train rides, toy cars and all sort of games.

    Close by, tourists can relax at Paradis Land – the first and only seaside adventure park. Paradis Land is the perfect place to enjoy nature in your spare time. Here, tourists, beside the present trails that they can walk on, also have rock climbing panels or can practice archery or Airsoft.



Paradise Land

    The HAPPY FARM animal farm can be found in Arsa village, 12 km away from Mangalia. The farm gives you the chance to spend a wonderful day with your children whom you can introduce to the beautiful world of animals in their natural habitat. You can enjoy the clean air in the open field, away from civilization and children will learn more about farm animals, how they live, how they eat healthy and natural food, how they breed, how a chicken egg looks like and how the chick develops inside of it.


Museum of Natural Sciences

    With over half a century of activity, an excellent material base and a multi discipline approach, The Museum of Natural Science of Constanta is a major landmark on the Romanian seashore. It has displays for the following: micro-delta, dolphin-house, planetarium – The Astronomic Observatory and a permanent exhibit of exotic birds.